Anyone who is planning a visit to the beautiful and historic city of Rome, Italy needs somewhere to begin. You must first determine just where you will be staying as well as where you will eat and shop and other local activities that you may enjoy.

Rome Trayeler

Rome Trayeler

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Accommodation in Rome

Rome hosts a wide variety of hotels with prices for all budgets, about 1,000 hostels and holiday houses numerous Pension-houses. Necessarily favorable reviews check before you make a reservation for accommodation!
In the Stazione Termini you will find the cheapest hotels, and the most expensive if you want to stay in Centro Storico and Trastevere. The best choice for cheap apartments for rent are in any formula and any holiday go choose. If you do not have a budget, you can also choose one of the camps in the suburbs.rome_map

The apartments are the best so that price, conditions and freedom, only to be chosen carefully. Overlooking the Tiber are the most popular, but this view can be obtained at a relatively high price. Same accommodation near the gardens of the Villa Borghese or to the Vatican. A good and affordable is the Sapienza University and the apartments are renowned for being very spacious.
Whatever you decide to do during your stay in Rome, you can be sure there will always be a lot of choices.

Many tourists can take a while to explore the region Lazio, planning their trips to destinations such as Lake Bracciano or fascinating archaeological site of Ostia Antica or Castel Gandolfo, who works as a summer residence for Pope.
Increasingly popular is the day trip to the nearby town of Tivoli, located about 30 minutes from the capital, where is the former of Benedictine monastery called Villa dEste and Villa Adriana, representing Villa Emperor Hadrian. Another remote town 1 hour distance Rome is Cerveteri, the city where the main attraction is Banditaccia necropolis.
Visiting the necropolis at the Porta San Paolo, a Roman “Englishmen’s Cemetery”.

Although you can not run away from the illustrious past of the city, its inhabitants are embracing the present. Such as Rome, do what the Romans do, and throw you in the center of city life. Walk the cobbled streets between centuries-old ruins, drink more wine and coffee than they should, take a walk through the markets and museums impressive heritage, eat too much ice cream. After all of this is said to be la „dolce vita”.

Rome Attractions Turist in Roma

If you plan to stay for a week will certainly not lack of activities, in principle, we suggest a minimum of 4 days to visit the main tourist attractions. In less time everything will be done will be to run from one place to another, and finally you will not get nothing, except a terrible foot pain.

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You know what its saying: Rome was not built in a day, then it can not be visited.

Coliseum Rome

Coliseum Rome

In Europe there isn’t an ancient and imposing town than the Italian capital. Tourists choose this tourist destination for more than 2,500 years and Eternal City contains many attractions than could be visited in a single trip. Therefore, it is important to set your priorities before depending on what you want to leave. Rome is very complex and can satisfy any taste.

Nightlife in Rome

Nightlife in Rome always starts with an appetizer, drink before the meal, when the plans for the night is coming and contiromenightnue with dinner, and entertainment until the early hours of the morning. Whether you choose a quiet evening with a bottle of wine, some beer and a football game or dancing all night, Rome satisfy every whim and desire.

Coliseum Rome

Coliseum Rome

Bar-del-FicoRecently renovated, Bar del Fico is a historic cafe situated on the side-streets behind Piazza Navona. Recently refurbished, Bar del Fico retains the charm full of history, while the kitchen is adapted to new culinary trends.
Teatro Argentina is one of the oldest theaters in Rome, it was built in 1732 by the architect Theoldi tasked with this work from the Sforza Cesarini family and was often restored over time.

The Drunken Ship, this disco bar owes its success to its strategic location in the heart of Rome.The+Drunken+Ship The atmosphere is welcoming, maintained by the large number of young people who come here, both locals and tourists. There is a wide selection of drinks and snacks. The Drunken Ship is often organized parties with tequila and there are nights when the atmosphere is maintained by DJ.

Caffe Greco, since 1760, this is the most elegant café in Rome. Stendhal, Goethe, Keats and DAnnunzio and were drinking their coffee here. Today it is much more likely to see ladies who lunch here and Japanese tourists, but the atmosphere is great. In front there is a wooden bar, and behind some small wards. You sit at tables with marble style Napoleon, surrounded by golden damask or red, romantic paintings and antique mirrors.
Near the American Embassy and Via Veneto, Jackie O is a brilliant club that attracts mostly foreign past 30 years. If you choose to come here to dance, you can start your evening with a drink in the piano bar and continue in the restaurant. The club is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 8.30 am to 4 am.

LAlibi, with its intimate location in Testaccio, located away from the center of Rome, is a stop on the agenda of many homosexuals. Those who come here are heterosexuals and homosexuals , men and women. In one of the rooms is the dance floor. LAlibi is open Wednesday to Sunday from 23-5.