Which makes it quite the expert in providing the traveler with historical sites and ancient wonders. But what to do once youve done the textbook site-seeing and tours in Rome?
This is not a possibility often considered. So, weve taken the time to bring you 3 off-the-track adventures you can try to spice up your holidays in Rome.

Scuola Gladiatori Roma

Be a Gladiator -Youve seen the film, youve read a bit on Wikipedia, but now its time to experience it for yourself. Follow in the footsteps of the sports stars of ancient Rome, by becoming a gladiator in just one day. If you can spare that much, try The Scuola Gladiatori Roma.

It offers special classes on this ancient fighting technique which includes learning battle cries and sword combat, all while dressed in costume. Training lasts for one day and culminates in a gladiator battle between students.

Dont worry though. Only rubber swords are used. At the end of the whole experience, students will receive a certificate and will become trainee gladiators. Believe us, this is definitely the most exciting history lesson youll ever encounter.

Ghostbusting This is as off the track as it gets. Amongst Romes host of weird museums, this small museum is definitely one for the books. The Museum of Souls in Purgatory is located in a small room at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Sufferance in Prati. It houses a collection of documents, pictures and artifacts said to be signs of contact between the souls in purgatory and the living.

It is said that these souls were calling out to living relatives to pray for their access into heaven. Most of the evidence features eerie hand and finger prints burned into pages of the Bible, tablecloths and clothing. Not one for the kids, but definitely worth a visit. Albeit, a quick one.

Skydiving with Gods Not the most conventional way to see the sites, but definitely one of the most exciting. And with no shortage of drop zones around the city, youre sure to have no difficulty finding a spot youd like. We personally like a place called The Zoo that recently opened its doors and the skies.

Only a short 45 minute drive from the Eternal city itself, it promises heart-stopping dives with views of the Italian landscape. This will however require USPA membership, but if you dont have one, dont fret. If you have a couple of days to spare, try their skydiving school.

Rome is definitely a city well established in its own ways, and often what you see is often what you get (and thats a lot). But look a little harder and Rome has as many off-beat attractions you can sink your teeth into. Written by Essential Travel Ltd